Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The UFC being mainstream..

From this man to Network Television to a mainstream sport??

Greetings Fight Fans!

For those of us who have been watching MMA from the beginning, its still a little weird to see advertisements for cage fighting on mainstream tv. Its good because I do love watching top guys fight. At the same time, it is a little bad as we are getting farther from dudes fighting and more towards the idea that sheer wins matter more than eliminating your opponent. In the NFL and NBA sheer wins matter. There is a season, playoffs etc that decide who the champion is. These are also sports that rely on points being scored through play to determine the winning team. MMA matches are a fight. Pure and simple. Not a street sanctioned, official and the artists are much more trained. It is a fight however, and nobody goes into a fight thinking im going to out point that guy who pushed my girlfriend down. They think "Im gonna kick that dudes ass". and THATS WHAT WE LOVE about seeing this happen in a cage with two dudes (or ladies) of similar size with a ref there to make sure nothing dirty happens.

Here is a newsflash, its not for everyone. The blood, the kicks and punches and the broken limbs will make your grandma and parents cringe. The issue is that the UFC is now courting the attention of those grandmas, grandpas and ostensibly anyone who has a passing interest in watching mix martial arts. Realize that once you go mainstream it is no longer about the hardcore fans. No matter how much they complain, they are with you no matter what and you have always been getting their dollars. New dollars requires new fans. Said another way, its ALL ABOUT the casual fan from this point forward. As a result some of the violence will tone down and some of the purity will disappear. Lets hope that its not too much

Quick picks on big upcoming fights..
I got Overeem over JDS via KO in the second round

I got Anderson over Chael by destruction

I got Jones over Rashad by force of arrogance

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