Friday, April 13, 2012

What now? MMA and Steroids

Girl, Look at that body...He works out!

Greetings Fight Fans!

Let me be the first one to tell you, summer is almost here :) So its time to hit the gym hard so you can hit the beach and look like El Reem. Hopefully you can do that without the 14-1 testosterone ratio. The superfight between he and champ Junior Dos Santos is in limbo as Overeem, the athletic commission and lawyers (no doubt) try to determine the status of his license to fight. Larger than this is what does MMA do to answer the "steroid" question?

Steroids or performance enhancing drugs are an issue that most sports have to deal with in some way. Specifically for MMA, you hear athletes all the time mention that it goes on a lot more frequently than people would imagine. Credit to the UFC in that they have constantly spoken out against PEDs in the sport. Its a dangerous thing to have a guy throwing punches, kicks and cranking submissions with and endless well of strength. As much credit as the UFC gets for speaking out against PEDs they have also acknowledged that random testing for their entire stable of athletes. So where does that leave us?

Baseball is one of the major sports in this country and has gone through major public PED issues. The list of athletes who have been implicated would be a whos-who of MLB. What we found out as the stories kept coming and coming is that eventually FANS DIDNT CARE. The media talking heads screamed a lot about integrity of the game but it was journalist not fans that cared about steroids. I bring this up because it seems to me that MMA fans are different. PEDs were used in baseball to hit balls fathers or to throw fastballs faster. Its still not as direct as a fight. In the cage those PEDs will be used to enhance someones ability to hurt his opponent or to absorb damage. We mma fans dont have a problem with one fighter smashing another..just so long as its done fair and square. Its a fight and there is a higher standard of honor involved. No weapons, no PEDs, No eye poke or groin shots..just two men of similar size climb into a cage to see who the better man is that day.

I believe that the disdain for PEDs in MMA will continue..and its because WE FANS do care! So big kudos to every fan of MMA


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