Sunday, February 27, 2011

You're kidding me, right? Part 2 – UFC 127

The reason I titled this series the way I did is because the phrase is just a general phrase of bewilderment. So, with that said, let me go through the shockers of the evening.

Nick Ring vs Riki Fukuda

I like Nick Ring. He's a good fighter, and his bout against Court McGee was a lot of fun to watch. However, Riki Fukuda won the fight against Ring. Not only did he win it, but I'm pretty sure that there isn't a logical argument for Ring winning that fight. Not to mention, the shock of the decision came in two parts. At first, when you hear the 29-28 score, you think “Oh, I guess they gave Ring the first round.” After that, you hear Nick Ring, and wonder if Buffer forgot what words are.

Mark Hunt won

Honestly, this was the biggest shock of the night for me. When this fight was first announced, I don't know if anyone really gave Hunt a chance to win it. Heck, I'm not completely sure if Mark Hunt gave himself a chance to win it. But, a few things should have been kept in mind. The first was that Tuchsherer really hasn't shined inside the Octagon. He was 1-2 coming into the fight, and should have been 0-3. Still, when Luke Thomas said on my Twitter feed that Hunt had knocked him out, I was in quite a bit of disbelief. Then, when I saw the KO, it was probably one of the coolest ones I had seen in a while. So, Hunt's still got a job with the UFC. I'm kinda curious who he'll fight next. Only kind of, though.

Michael Bisping in general

First off, if you say that Bisping's actions shouldn't be brought up, you're wrong. Any time that a fighter acts with such poor sportsmanship, he deserves any negative criticism coming toward him. Second, Bisping has now solidified that any pay per view he's involved in now will gain a lot of viewers. What Bisping did in the octagon put a foul taste in my mouth. First, he blatantly knees a downed opponent (which is an understandable rule, and this comes from a Pride fan). Second, he's happy about it. Third, he celebrates a win over someone that he beat by cheating. What's really funny is that Bisping didn't look that impressive. The first round was competitive, but Bisping had the edge until the knee. Then, Bisping got planted by Rivera's right hand while Rivera was still hurt in the second round. With all that said, Bisping's attitude and actions have probably gained him a better opponent, and probably an opponent that won't like him. I wish Hendo were still in the UFC to show this guy a lesson again, but I'd settle for Nate Marquardt or Vitor Belfort

People making a fuss over the Penn/Fitch decision

B.J. Penn won the first two rounds. He mounted no offense in the third. A 10-8 was justified. Deal with it.

Being a douchebag isn't nation specific, so stop the xenophobic claim before you start.

-Micah C

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