Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They Should Have Never Gave You Niggas Twitter!

What do you want? Do you even know what you want? If not, did you know that you don't know what you thought you knew? Are you now at an Inception level of not knowing what the hell is going on? Well than allow me to explain. People always like to go on and on about how they don't like a phony. They don't want a person playing up some contrived character, they want the real deal. They want genuine emotion, they want genuine opinion! That's what they want, right? The answer to that question is no, they don't. What some people want is for others to fill their ears with the acceptable sequence of words deemed appropriate by their standards. Then, when some don't like the opinions of others they paint them as playing some sort of character (apparently he's playing a guy that nobody agrees with, cause that's really helping him to catch on) instead of just excepting that perhaps two people can't exactly see eye to eye on a number of different issues.
Jonathan "Moral Bones" Jones had the audacity recently to post (brace yourselves) HIS PERSONAL OPINION! I'll give you a few moments to collect yourselves.........okay now back to the story. He actually had the nerve to come out and claim that mock playing the bongos on someone's back is disrespectful. Now I know what you're thinking "Who is this guy, and why has his mouth yet to be sewn to the anus of John Goodman in some sort of human centipede-ish form of capitol punishment for speaking such blasphemy?" Well I'll tell you why, because it isn't a big deal. To illustrate my point, here's is a brief comparison between my reaction to the story, followed by everyone elses:

Me-"Meh. I can see his point, but whatever."

Other People-"Whaaaaat? Howdarehesaysuchathingonhismoralhighhorse...

Now this isn't to imply that this was the majority of fan response, but it is to imply that it was an irritatingly large amount of fan response.

"Oh, he's a hypocrite cause he champions Randy Couture as a good role model!" So what? Randy Couture outside of one isolated incident HAS been a decent role model and spokesperson for the sport. For people to continue on playing up something that happened years ago and trying to call out Jones as a hypocrite for him not bringing up an 8 year old incident is beyond silly (the spanking of Tito not being something Jones ever specifically stated he agreed with anyway). Jones was specifically referring to RECENT actions of Thiago "Cool Guy" Silva (Mommy, I can't seem to change the channel off of this Everybody Loves Thiago marathon) which was no more over the top than what Jones described it as. And it's not like Jones has been going on some moral parade ever since, he simply said his piece (on his PERSONAL twitter account where he's allowed to post whatever he wants) then responded to a few quick complains and that was it. Other people are the ones that are making such a huge deal out of this and dragging this story on (like we care what you have to say Jon Jones, we're just going to post it on numerous sites with endless debates for weeks on end is all). Plus, it's not like Tito Ortiz was completely undeserving of a spanking, all things considered.

"But he knows Rashad Evans!" So what? Oh wait that's right, Rashad did that thing against Forrest Griffin 3 years ago and since then he...but after that he...I remember he...oh yeah, he hasn't done a single thing to "disrespect" an opponent since then (during a fight, Uncle Tom accusations excluded). First of all, the worst of what Rashad has done in the past was well before Jones even knew him. Secondly, are we all going to sit here and act like when you criticize someone for doing something it doesn't mean that you wouldn't still be bothered by the same behavior in those you're friendly with? I guess Jon should come out and say "And do you remember that thing Rashad three years ago? FOR SHAME!" While he's at it, why doesn't he just search completely through the catacombs of MMA history to now comment on every shading thing that's taken place? "And another thing, who does Mark Coleman think he is when on February 26th, 2006..." I guess Jones should now be forced to add a brief history of every questionable thing anyone has ever done before he can talk about them now(because I'm sure something like that would endear him more to the rest of you)

"Thiago Silva is a BJJ black belt, who is Jones to comment against him/He should have kept his mouth shut?!" This one (as deliciously silly as it is) Still get's a SO WHAT. Jones voiced his opinion on a social network designed solely for the purposes of expressing one's opinions. Jon Jones doesn't force people to follow his comments, people follow him because they claim to want to have a more personal connection to the fighter.Who is anyone to tell anyone what they can and cannot say? What ever in life gave you that kind of gall? "Oh noes, he's voicing an opinion I don't really agree with. How is he getting away with this?" And Jones hasn't accomplished anything in his lifetime? And even so, are we supposed to bite our tongues based on someone having higher credentials than us? Do you need to officially achieve a black belt in something or other to be able to fully comprehend or comment on honor (I mean it's not like Jones trains in martial arts everyday or something). Oh yeah, I'm sure Sir "points aggressively towards knocked out opponents" knows a lot more about honor and fighting spirit just because he has a black belt.

              "Don't you make that face at me, or I'll give you something to stare half-consciously at...mister!"

And while you're all busy riding on Thiago's gloriously bronzed Brazilian back muscles how about we keep something in mind. Let's all remember that THIAGO turned down a fight with JONES now didn't he? What was his excuse again, that Jones wasn't ready for him (apparently top ranked nothing in particular Tim Boetsch and a guy who's last fight was a one-sided brutal loss to Jones were deemed worthy). So how dare Jones speak out against Thiago when the very fact that Jones is still breathing is due to such an gracious act of mercy granted to him by way of Thiago ducking him sparing his young life. So anyway, back to admiring everything about him while we eat our plate of fries.

     (Honestly, if it doesn't frighten you when women make the duckface why should it when Thiago does?)

"If you thought this look was Blue Steel instead of Magnum than you are A-hole jerk."

Is it perhaps a long predicted backlash? Just another example of a popular figure being shoved down the throats of others to the point where they begin to actively search out minor details to obsess over and justify their growing despise for someone? I can't say for sure, all I know is that Jon Jones is a professional Mixed Martial Artist fighting for the UFC, and at 23 years old is already a light heavyweight contender that trained hard to get where he is today at such a young age. So it would be appreciated if you stopped talking about him as if he's some spoiled child that's had everything handed to him and had the nerve to shape uninformed opinions about subjects that don't apply to his very own living, or that he doesn't have the right to speak his mind if it doesn't jive with your world view.

I have a dream, that one day fans will stop taking things so personally and let a fighter be who they are without everything they do or say being forced under some unnecessary magnifying glass for the sake of hypocritical finger wagging (then in the dream me and Al Bundy teamed up to fight vampires with a washing machine that shot bowling balls, true story).

P.S. He snitched on potheads, get over it you weirdos. It's illegal and you shouldn't be doing it on school grounds anyway, what do you want special exemption from the law? (But it like, totally should be legal though man!) Whether you like it or not you can't call what he did technically a wrong thing to do.

"Am I going to have to stick this frying pan where the sun don't shine before you to get the message?"


  1. Dude has the backlash been that bad? Jones is the shit, and maybe I ignore or don't go where retards go, but I think you overacting here.

    PS anyone who compares what Evans or Couture to Thiago is a dumbdick. Tito had that spanking coming, and that was hilarious. Not the same at all as the dumb shit Thiago did. Bones probably won't get to fight Thiago anyway as Rampage will knock him back down to journeyman status, but if they did, Jones destroys his facial bones and ends this debate.

  2. Damn, now I want a plate of fries.

    Good points all around, though. People are weird. Thiago Silva is the guy people are defending as the good guy here? Thiago Silva!?!? The guy is a great fighter, but come on. He's a dick.