Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Four Questions with Genghis Con about Miami Hustle

Combat sports always lead to fans making highlight reel videos of their favorite fighters. Unfortunately most of them are terrible. Isaac Kensington aka Genghis Con, is one of the few bright spots in the world of highlight videos. He's a musician and film maker whose highlight reels tell a story about fighter careers.

Recently, he's been working with the folks at American Top Team to create videos for fighters like Junior Assuncao and prospect Douglas Lima. This connection has lead to the creation of an amazing series idea entitled "Miami Hustle", which follows the lives of Jorge Masvidal, Gesias Cavalcante, Jorge Santiago, Alexis Villa, and Juan Carlos Faraldo, who trains the group at South Miami Sports Performance. I had the chance to send him some questions regarding this project and his future endeavors.

ThisRedEngine: How did you come up with the idea for Miami Hustle? How did you get connected with the South Miami Sports Performance guys?

Genghis Con: I first contacted Masvidal and went up to Miami to shoot some stuff with him at South Miami Sports Performance. From there I meet his coach Juan Carlos Faraldo and we started discussing ideas for videos. There was so much going on up there that we immediately thought reality. About a week later I got a call from Juan Carlos, JZ and Santiago and we discussed ideas and I was there a week later before Santiago's fight with Misaki and we began there.

ThisRedEngine: Is this a web based series? When can people expect episodes to be completed?

Genghis Con: The plan is to put it on Television. We have a lot of other stuff for the web that will come out soon. There's no real time line right now but were already filming the 3rd episode. Hopefully by Spring.

ThisRedEngine: Will this series focus more on the training aspect or the lives of the fighters outside of the gym?

Genghis Con: It's going to focus on everything. There will be good training sessions as well as the fights. There will also be a lot of focus on their lives outside of the gym.

ThisRedEngine: What can people expect from Genghis Con in the future?

Genghis Con: In the future hopefully I'll still be doing Miami Hustle and I'm currently working on a web show not MMA based called Tru Stories, an action comedy based in Atlanta.

So there you have it, the story behind Miami Hustle. I seriously suggest checking out Genghis' website and the website set up for Miami Hustle for all updates regarding this project.

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