Saturday, December 4, 2010

TUF 12 Finale. Marta Gallo vs MDH. Cinnamon Challenge.

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This is going to be a head to head battle of the sexes with devastating consequences:

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Ladies first.......

Marta Gallo

Pick: Brookins
Opinion: The season's favorite is better than Johnson at everything. His gas tank will win this fight in the 3rd.
How It Will End: Rd 3 RNC

Pick: Bonnar
Opinion: Bonnar hasn't had the most spectacular UFC career but his skills are still better than Igor Pokrajac's.
How It Will End: TKO in the 2nd.

Pick: Maia
Opinion: Maia only struggles with fighters who either can KO him or use distance well. Grove does neither. This is gonna be a hilariously short fight for Kendall Grove.
How It Will End: Maia will take home an arm in the 1st.

Pick: Hendricks
Opinion: Hendricks is on the fast track and a win over story puts him in the tops of the division. Wrestling and bombs for fists.
How It Will End: KO in the 2nd.

Pick: Phan
Opinion: Nam was extremely undersized this season and still almost made it to the finals. He beats Leonard Garcia.
How It Will End: Decision

Pick: Branch
Opinion: He's doesn't have the flashiest style but it wins fights. This is a pick 'em as neither have been impressive in the UFC.
How It Will End: Decision

Pick: Paixao
Opinion: Paixao is a prospect that the WEC was starting to push. Now he'll get a UFC push.
How It Will End: Decision

Pick: Campuzano
Opinion: Pace missed weight and that means this was a tough cut. Campuzano also has faced superior competition.
How It Will End: 3rd round Submission

Pick: Toner
Opinion: Toner has faced better competition and has more "big show" experience.
How It Will End: TKO

Pick: Watson
Opinion: Sako was not good on the show. Watson has legit skills.
How It Will End: RNC in Round 2

Pick: McKenzie
Opinion: He's got a vicious choke and he's more skilled than the British guy.
How It Will End: Guillotine in the 2nd.


Pick: Jonathan Brookins
Opinion: Nam Phan had every chance in the world to beat a horribly gassed Michael Johnson and he let him off the hook. Brookins is going to finish a completely exhausted Michael Johnson in the 3rd.
How It Will End: TKO Rd. 3

Pick: The American Psycho
Opinion: This is Stephan Bonnar's fight to lose. He is much bigger than Igor and I expect him to have a fantastic showing.
How It Will End: 2nd Rd. TKO

Pick: Kendall Grove
Opinion: I know this is risky but I think Grove has the reach in the arms and legs to keep Maia at bay. I think Kendall uses his superior stand-up to keep the distance and jab Demian to death. I just hate picking "Da Spyder". If Maia rips his leg clean off I won't be sad about losing this one.

Pick: Johny Hendricks
Opinion: I really like both these guys and it sucks someone is going to have to lose. I saw both of their last fights live in Oakland and they were both very impressive. I think Hendricks might be just have a little more power. Couple that with superior wrestling skills and I give him the nod.
How It Will End: Unanimous Decision

Pick: Leonard Garcia
Opinion: Nam is going to get battered in this one.
How It Will End: Unanimous Decision

Pick: Rich Attonito
Opinion: I have not been impressed with Branch at all. Rich takes this one in probably less than thrilling fashion.
How It Will End: Unanimous Decision

Pick: Fredson Paixao
Opinion: I kind of don't really have one.
How It Will End: Let's say Submission Rd. 1

Pick: Will Campuzano
Opinion: I think Will gets to be the first Bantamweight to win a fight in the UFC, ensuring his place as the answer to a question on MMA Jeopardy.
How It Will End: Unanimous Decision

Pick: Tyler Toner
Opinion: One time on a family trip we hit an owl in mid flight and it was wedged in the bumper for hours until we got home. Based on this and the fact that Ian "The Barn Owl" Loveland has been submitted 6 times in his 7 losses (Here is a shocker: Team Quest) I feel this one has to go to Mr. Toner.
How It Will End: Submission Rd. 3 Triangle Choke

Pick: Kyle Watson
Opinion: Saku can grab the fence all he wants but he is getting wrestled to death here.
How It Will End: Unanimous Decision

Pick: Cody McKenzie
Opinion: 11-0. Ten submission victories. 9 in a row by guillotine. This is pretty self explanatory.
How It Will End: Round 1 Guillotine


  1. This shit is getting dangerous, that cinnamon challenge is no joke. On the next bet the loser will be swallowing thumbtacks wrapped in LSD strips