Monday, October 18, 2010

Three Cheers for Shinya Aoki!

He comes from a land where pro wrestling is revered, 2 girls 1 cup is considered a light romantic comedy, and even marriages are platonic. With the unassuming androgynous looks of most Japanimation super villains and a penchant for taking home the limbs of his fallen adversaries, Shinya Aoki has been carving his way through the Japanese MMA scene for quit a few years now. In his path he has left a trail of disfigurement, crushed egos, and tears (those are mostly his though) and he continues to be considered the top p4p Asian fighter fighting specifically in Asia (yay?).

Unfortunately Aoki hit a road block in his career when he was made to be un-consensually penetrated by Gilbert Melendez's fists in a fight where Aoki would desperately pull out all the stops to be victorious (he laid on his back, he crab walked, he cried, he laid on his back some more) but to no avail. Aoki bounced back though by defeating Kawajiri by "get this nigga off me!" at the 2:00 minute mark of round 1, and then securing a victory over top ranked nothing in particular Marcus Aurelio. Now he's back to track and doing what he does best, sodomizing his opponent's ligaments and throwing up middle digits a plenty. Trust me friend, you'd rather floss your teeth with one of Tank Abbott's pubic hairs then let this little emaciated sociopath get on top of you in any fight. So to this creepy little bugger I say THREE CHEERS!