Monday, October 4, 2010

Premature Deification: A (short) cautionary tale

It happens at least once a month. An up and coming fighter or a “reborn” veteran pulls off an exciting KO or crazy submission and the online MMA Community goes nuts. Talks of being a contender fill message boards and comment sections. The hype machine builds them up as a “KO Artist” or a “Submission Master” before their next fight. Then the unthinkable happens…. they lose. Usually in a way that makes us fans complete disown them.

Take Todd Duffee for example, one of the UFC’s latest cast-offs. He made his debut with an outlandishly fast KO at UFC 102. That performance coupled with his chiseled physique [PAUSE] garnered him a huge wave of hype. Then he fought Mike Russow, who was supposed to lose, and got KTFO’d. Sure, he beat the piss out of Russow for nearly 3 rounds, but that means nothing to the ravenous MMA Fan. Getting KO'd means that you have a glass chin and need to retire. The next day he was thrown out like 3 week old Chinese Food by the online MMA community. All of a sudden he was overrated and his 1st win was a fluke. But wait...wasn't this the man that was supposed to be the next BROCKLESNAR?

The same thing has happened countless times in MMA. Brandon Vera, Houston Alexander, Marius Žaromskis, et cetera et cetera. What's the moral of the story? Don't deify a fighter after one or two exciting performances, because anything can happen in MMA.


  1. Duffee's hype train was pretty lame.

  2. Yea, it was pretty ridiculous. I mean the KO was great but damn.

  3. This is just like that Faydor dude. All my friends told me he was invincibul, and then he got subbed. He sucks and Brock Lesnar is the greatest HW evar.

  4. Man, I still poor one out to Todd Duffee to this day (since I don't actually drink I usually just throw the rest of it away, it's a very expensive and wasteful habit of mine) but I'm still hanging on the wagon by a hand at least. I think the boy can still become something if he keeps working and empties enough of the shit out of his attitude.

    I'm definitely trying not to fall for any of that hype nowadays. No more rooting for some hot young unproven prospect with some upside but only a couple of fights under their belt. No more being mesmerized by brief performances that don't truly show the full scale of someone's abilities. (excepts for Charles Oliveira cause I'm still riding the shit out of that bandwagon, but this is the last time, really I mean it)

  5. Jon Jones- The only FBI NARC wagon that actually matters. He might be rat, but he will beat your ass.

    I agree with ya Lee. I think Duffee can still do great things, but I think his body will give out on him before he's got the chance. His movement looks pretty shitty, and he's already got the issue of knee problems.

  6. It's fighter infatuation :) sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants