Tuesday, November 30, 2010

8 Wicked Knockouts That You've Probably Never Seen

We've all seen the same 15 knockouts get used in every single Nu Metal MMA Highlight that's uploaded on Youtube in the past 5-6 years. Well here are a few that you may not have come across. Enjoy.

1. Mark "boobie" Maynard vs. Some Dude in the Amateur Circuit.

Not much info on this one but got damn....

2. Hisae Watanabe vs. Eri "Strawberry 15" Takahashi

Hisae Watanabe is one of the best Female Mixed Martial Artists in the world. Strawberry 15 is not. Surprisingly "Strawberry 15" made this one pretty competitive. Until she got STARCHED. Skip to 8:55 for the Knockout.

3. Wilson Gouveia vs. Jon Fitch

Ever wonder why Jon Fitch stopped trading with people on the feet?

4. Megumi Yabushita vs. Seong Kim (Kim Hyun Sung)

Megumi Yabushita might not have the greatest record, (19-17), but she's got some wins over impressive names (Hitomi Akano and Roxanne Modaferri). Seong Kim was a South Korean Kickboxer making her MMA debut. After a brief exchange on the feet Yabushita went for (what my mediocre understanding of Judo would classify as) a Seoi Nage, which planted Kim's head right into the canvas. Not knowing that she had KO'd Seong Kim with the throw, Yabushita went for a submission and nearly snapped Kim's arm before the Ref stepped in. Kim hasn't fought since.

Long time MMA fans know Shannon Ritch as a Can of EPIC proportions. With a record of (44-72-4), we don't really expect much from him. Well, "The Cannon" came through this time with a "Super Kick" knockout over John Wood in their second meeting at Shark Fights 2.

This one is a little bittersweet. Sure it was a great Knockout for Howe, but the ref let LaRosa take way too much damage in my opinion.

Most of us MMA fans only know Ray Sefo as a guy who does commentary for and competes in K-1. Well way back in days of K-1 Hero's, Sefo took a stab at MMA. He took on another MMA n00b when he faced Min-Soo Kim. To say that Kim was lost on the feet would be an understatement. After seeing Sefo damn near take Kim's head off, the ref let a clearly disoriented Kim walk right into a sick head kick. Great job ref.

8. Wayne Wrath vs. Brooklyn Huntsman



  1. Dude got Platoon'd in that last video. On some Willem Dafoe shit.

  2. Dude your videos suck. All they are are cheap shots, and mature fighters with one always having a clear advantage over the others ability's and getting batted around like a cat and mouse game. Lame ass shit.