Sunday, November 21, 2010

Non-MMA related video: Chad Dukes' epic rant about the Redskins

Chad Dukes of The Fan in DC freaked out. I think all sports fans can relate to this. It's a 13 minute long rant about the Redskins losing to the Philadelphia Eagles last Monday. I'm feeling like this with the Cowboys this year. It's not MMA related but you need to listen to this. It's live on the radio. Seriously, this was on the air. I'll let you decide if he's over reacting...


  1. He's not! We had this discussion already! Then we talked about who's a better Green Lantern but thats beside the point!

  2. I live in D.C. Dukes is alright usually, but this is something that I completely disagree with and made me lose respect for him. "Your" team is fucking 4-5 (now 5-5). That is only 3 games outside of first, and one game is simply that... ONE FUCKING GAME. This is from the same guy who would rather keep Donovan Mcnabb than the coach with 2 SB rings.

    Such an overreaction. Us Cowboy fans have a lot more to complain about, but I keep my mouth shut. I dont like pretend that my team is one of the top in the NFC and act like the world is coming to an end a week later.

    Whenever I hear someone start to talk shit about Cowboys fans I will immediately point people to this retarted rant. It was one fucking game where an amazing athlete had the best game of his life. Your team is still in the playoff hunt. Stop being such a little bitch you fat fuck.